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Title 4c - Business Regulation. Department of Business Regulation

      Secs. 4c-1 and 4c-2. Department of Business Regulation. Secretary or department head; appointment and general responsibilities; divisions within department. Divisions of Banking, Insurance, Liquor Control, Public Utility Control and Consumer Counsel. Banking Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner; appointment, qualifications, exempt from classified service, deputy commissioners. Sections 4c-1 and 4c-2 are repealed.

      (P.A. 77-614, S. 149, 150, 610; P.A. 79-404, S. 3, 4, 45; P.A. 80-482, S. 346, 348.)

      See title 36a re Department of Banking.

      See titles 21a and 30 re Department of Consumer Protection.

      See title 38a re Insurance Department.

      See title 16, chapters 277, 277a, 281-285, 289 and 293 re Department of Public Utility Control.

      See chapters 226 and 226b re Division of Special Revenue.

      See Secs. 16-2a, 16-49 and 52-259a re Office of Consumer Counsel.

      Sec. 4c-3. Divisions to retain powers and functions of predecessor. Obsolete.

      (P.A. 77-614, S. 152, 610.)

      Note: Sections 4c-1 to 4c-3, inclusive, were formerly published as chapter 58.

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