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Sec. 51-60. Appointment of official court reporters.

      Sec. 51-60. Appointment of official court reporters. (a) The judges of the Superior Court shall appoint one skillful stenographer for each judicial district to be the official court reporter of the Superior Court therein, and shall appoint as many stenographers to be assistant court reporters for the court as the judges or an authorized committee thereof determines the business of the court requires.

      (b) A person shall not be appointed a court reporter under the provisions of this section who has not passed the entry level examination provided for under section 51-63 and a reporter shall not be placed in the higher court reporter salary classification who has not passed the examination provided for in said section for such higher classification, provided each person serving on July 1, 1978, as a court reporter or assistant court reporter in the Court of Common Pleas shall continue to serve in the Superior Court for the balance of the term for which he was appointed. In no event shall the compensation of such person be affected solely as a result of the transfer of jurisdiction provided in section 51-164s.

      (1949 Rev., S. 7727; 1957, P.A. 199, S. 2; 445, S. 8; 1969, P.A. 16, S. 1; P.A. 76-436, S. 73, 681; P.A. 77-576, S. 20, 65; P.A. 78-280, S. 78, 127; P.A. 82-248, S. 58; P.A. 84-529, S. 2.)

      History: 1969 act deleted requirement that court reporter for Waterbury be a resident of that city; P.A. 76-436 authorized appointment of assistant court reporters, changed reporters' term of appointment from two years to one year and added provisions re salary and examination requirements, effective July 1, 1978; P.A. 77-576 substituted judicial district for county and deleted specific reference to Waterbury, effective July 1, 1978; P.A. 78-280 specified that committee of judges has power to remove reporters from office and deleted reference to reporters' receipt of compensation as was received in common pleas court pursuant to compensation plan under Sec. 51-12; P.A. 82-248 reworded section, divided section into Subsecs., deleted provisions re salaries and appointment of court reporter for Stamford and added "provided for under section 51-63" after "examination"; P.A. 84-529 deleted requirement of annual appointment of court reporters by judges of the superior court at their annual meeting in June and deleted Subsec. (b) re one-year term of office of court reporters, relettering former Subsec. (c) accordingly.

      See Sec. 51-63 re salary and fees of court reporters.

      See Sec. 51-166 re annual meeting of judges.

      Former statute cited. 128 C. 290.

      Cited. 36 CS 9.

      Subsec. (a):

      Cited. 33 CA 311.

      Cited. 43 CS 246.

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